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Chalkfarm Drive

Chalkfarm Drive

Chalkfarm Drive
isn’t the most “desirable” of Toronto locales, but my friends Raissa and Adam live up there so I decided it would be a nice safe night to walk around the neighbourhood eat some eats, then walk back flaunting my expensive Camera equipment.

But nobody stepped to test my merit; if you don’t start none there won’t be none. Respect.

4 thoughts on “Chalkfarm Drive

  1. xtina says:

    well i like this one, i might have cropped a bit off the top, but this isn't too shabby at all.

    ps – thank you for correcting my barry white mistake.

  2. April says:

    Great night shot. I love being able to clearly see the sleeping street below.

  3. Langford says:

    cool perspective.. it seems crooked to me, however.

  4. spongehood says:

    I remember back in the day when I used to start some and therefore there was some. Then 2 friends of mine bought me a T-shirt with some special words on it. I think of that day as the day my friends saved my life.