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The film festival is officiallly over, it was capped off with Cashback, which Aaron and I saw and, most importantly; Penelope.

When this movie is released you must see it, the performances were equisite, the set and costume design superb, the story wonderful and light, and so very very funny. I am extremely impressed with the performance of James McAvoy who, as Mr. Tumnus from the Chronicles of Narnia, was a delight to watch. The “breakout” role in this for me, however, was that of Peter Dinklage. Superbly executed with scenes that I will not soon forget. I can’t say enough about this film see it as soon as you get a chance, then go see it again.

One thought on “eyes

  1. FilmFestGrrl says:

    I really really like this photo. A lot. It haunts me, actually. But you're right… it's not as good as Penelope, which was just freaking astounding.