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For Sale

For Sale
Piece of crap home.

Who wants to live here? it’s the apex between Canada’s busiest highway, one of it’s ghetto-ist neighbourhoods, and a cell phone tower. Even if you decided you wanted to live here, you’d come out irradiated or able to receive messages from aliens using a bit of tinfoil and some bubble gum.

5 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. Brad says:

    Could make a nice summer home .. how much?

  2. Brad says:

    Oh, nice composition, but maybe a bit dark in the building .. curves and layer masks pal.

  3. schmee says:

    5 bucks says it's a tim hortons in a year

  4. Langford says:

    pretty sure its not zoned residential. j.j. barnicke is a commercial real estate broker.

    you really bring out the worst in the property 🙂 good shot.