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Frig Frig Frig Frig

Frig Frig Frig Frig
So I’ve got this Ms. pac-man table-top machine upstairs that belongs to my room-mate Dan. Some way, some how, while Attila and Jen were sleeping in the spare room, the glass on the machine cracked [read: they were banging on top of it].

The glass measures 55.6cm wide and 68cm long; it’s actually a octagon, so there are 3cm diagonal cuts at the 51cm and the 64cm measurements (respectively).
I actually assume it was the heat from the CRT – the thing’s a beast, and instead of unplugging it we threw a nice warm blanket to keep the un-aired, un-circulated glass toasty. In the middle of the night we were all woken up by a loud “BANG!” which we passed off as gunshots because I live in the hood.

2 thoughts on “Frig Frig Frig Frig

  1. Brad says:

    I was actually just writing a nasty comment about how I dont see how this applies to your shot, but then I saw the Pac-man's (pac-men?). Sweet shot.. actually lined up and centered and level and all.

  2. Langford says:

    i dig.. don't know how i missed this in the past.

    hope you got your glass replaced!