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Get Over It

Get Over It
I spend most of my time working in a “professional” environment and while I can, contrary to popular opinion, act the part – I often choose not to. Why? Life’s too fucking short.

If I can do a good job, a great job even, and have some fun in the process what’s the problem? I’m not even talking Don Draper, Mad Men, kinda fun, I’m just saying let out a cuss word every so often, wear jeans to work, and maybe even tap someone on the ass. WHAT!? Sexist? What if they tapped me first?

I’m not actually saying any of this is (or isn’t) going on at my work, but take it and apply it to other situations, events, parties, coffee, home, whatever… I tend to not define my life by the various social circles I’m around at a given time. I’m pretty much the same guy at a $300,000 fundraiser as I am at Pub Italia at 10 – dressed differently and likely more drunk at the other – but I’ve come out of these with some pretty strong relationships. I think people appreciate a bit of honesty in someone, something genuine when all the fake bullshit is out there and it’s easy to see but nobody calls anyone on it.

Let’s be clear, though, I can still be a douche, a photo-douche (#phodo) if you will, but when I’m not, when there’s no weird or lame wall up – let it be man – I’m actually being myself for once. Try it.

3 thoughts on “Get Over It

  1. Eugene says:

    I like your honesty in this post.

    It feels like you're trying to direct this post at someone, but I am not too sure. Either way, you have the right mindset!

  2. faisal says:

    What are you doing taking a picture of that thing?!!! Geek. Now go smoke it!

  3. JD says:

    nom nom!