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Lame-a Loma

Lame-a Loma
I don’t really “get” Casa Loma, my friend Megan works there and when I went to see her the other day, there were tonnes of people crowding around to take pictures of the turrets and the entrance and stuff. That’s great, I mean, I did it too, sorta. But I wasn’t necessarily impressed. Maybe I’m just a jaded Torontonian, but I’ve seen some pictures of some crazy castles over in Germany and Europe that would blow people’s minds.

But we’re not *in* Germany, so I took a picture of the fountain out front instead.

One thought on “Lame-a Loma

  1. schmee says:

    did you try shooting straight through the water and having it fill the entire frame. it might have created a neat glass like effect in front of the bricks