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On Saturday, my first foray out on Lesley’s farm was straight down the path we cut with the snowmobiles and then I cut directly sideways into the wooded areas.
This is when I discovered that I was in about 3 – 4 feet of snow, this made my trek through the forest painful and slow. I popped out of my self made trail a hundred feet south of the cabin, just in time to watch my friends leap off the roof into snow-banks taller than myself.
If we’re all patient and lucky, we may even get to see an example of this on Thinsite.

2 thoughts on “Lost

  1. April says:

    This shot totally works for me. Can't say why, but it does. I think it has to do with the angle. I can really picture myself there.

  2. xtina says:

    i like these trees.. i told you that last night though.