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Purple Haze

Purple Haze
Don’t let me be the guy to ask you which angle you think is best; magnanimously I choose such things for you.

Aaron and I, the adventurers that we are, decided to take the Family Circus route home from Ottawa Sunday night.

3 thoughts on “Purple Haze

  1. Brad says:

    the one on the left seems all kinda goofed up .. maybe just the weird angle, but the one on the right is dope. …also …I dont know what magananaimousmly means.

  2. steve says:

    Magnanimously, that's a big word for you JVL, where did you learn that one?

    They say imitation is the truest form of flattery. I just think you're being an ass.

  3. April says:

    I prefer the one on the right. So there.