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So not like me to post a bunch of flower macro photos. Weird, though, I can’t seem to take macro’s of much of anything else.

Getting in this close is a whole other level of perception, one that I’m not as in tune to. You gotta see, explore, even more. Flowers are obvious targets – that’s why I’m surprised I’m taking them so much – but they blow in the wind and have all these nasty little flaws that make them a pain in the butt.

I’ve seen some great macro work done of metal objects, imprints, imperfections and the like… I just don’t “see” them, at least, I don’t see that way yet.

The same goes for any of your photography, telephoto lenses compress a scene, making the background flatten to the foreground. Wide angles lenses will distort the corners of your image; fisheye lenses will catch your feet too if you’re not paying attention. All of these are tools at your disposal, to show the reality you want people to see, but to capture it effeciently and accurately you really need a sense of what you’re doing. You need to previsualize the shot, which also means you’ll need to be familiar with your optics before you put the shutter to your eye.

Of course, untried, it’s like exploring a new world, everything is new and different and wonderful again, even flowers.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. hoi says:

    Wow, excellent detail!

  2. Yeah, taking photos of flowers feels a bit meh, but good macros may end up being really interesting. One just shouldn't stop to smell the flowers, but to really look at them, see the details and the patterns.