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I nearly forgot about these commercial food photographs I took for Suzy Q Doughnuts here in Ottawa last year. The shop is only a few blocks away from where I live. I was their second customer when they opened up and did as much as I could to recommend the crap out of them to […]

Busy busy week this week – heatwave or no – I’m photographing a wedding on Saturday which really means a week of build-up, double checking, lists, and extra batteries & memory cards. You HAVE to have backups for this sort of thing. A wedding only happens once… and it only takes one loose end, one […]

So not like me to post a bunch of flower macro photos. Weird, though, I can’t seem to take macro’s of much of anything else. Getting in this close is a whole other level of perception, one that I’m not as in tune to. You gotta see, explore, even more. Flowers are obvious targets – […]

I haven’t been able to post much this week and it’s breaking my heart but if you lived in Ottawa (or Ontario for that matter) you’d know – the heat’s a big detractor. I seem to have this bad habit of putting my computer systems in the hotest possible location of my house. In Toronto […]

This photo is pretty heavily processed, so it won’t be for everyone, but I wanted to get a feel for this Photoshop plugin I had heard about a while ago called Topaz Ajust. It can give your images that boosted, ultra-saturated, look that’s all the rage with the kids these days (I also, often, find […]

People who don’t know me look at me pretty oddly when I’m crouched on the ground, sticking my camera as close to the base of a tree as I can, different angles, review, adjust. Luckily when I found these guys the people who came around DID know me – thanks for not thinking I’m a […]

I’m completely looking forward to this summer. I’ve got a lot of great new photographic toys tools that’ll help me get some unique shots that, I hope, will be good too. I’m likely to make many more mistakes than I am to make portfolio pieces, but I’m going to have a blast making every screwed […]

Last week was busy, for me, this week is far, far busier. With no sign of slowin’ down. Sorry for the lack of posts kids – TTYL.

Sometimes, in order to get the eyes in focus, they’re all I shoot.

This week I received the lovely Lensmate Adapter for the Canon G11. This is a must-have accessory for anyone with the G10,11, or Panasonic LX3 (I wish I had this back when I had one). The Lensmate is beautifully crafted with machined aluminum and black to match the exterior of the camera. It is primarily […]

I’m super excited to be booking some weddings this year. It’s a marvellous privilege to be allowed to document and photograph what is, for many, the single most important day of their lives. What’s especially nice is they sometimes come here and see that I post photos of doors and benches and stuff – so […]

Some frost on a bench early this past Saturday morning. To shoot macro you really have to be well disciplined. It’s not the sort of photography that favours the hand-held free spirited fellow tilting his camera over his head to see if he gets a cool shot. Focus is not something to take lightly, and […]

What’s in a name? Or furthermore, a title? There’s been a lot of chatter over this at PixelatedImage and the need to dispel these meanings we attribute to words, titles, and even appearances that just aren’t true. When I walk around with my main camera, the 1DMKII, I get a lot of stares and a […]

Plans change – fast. This was supposed to be a catch-up time (financially) where I paid off that line of credit that allowed me to indulge myself and my family in luxurious and L-glass. Well, here’s an argument for always having a reserve: washer and dryer broke down SIMULTANEOUSLY. The plus is stores give great […]

Processed this sucker in the Lightroom 3 Beta, which I’m liking okay, but being a beta it’s got ups and downs. using the new tech is a definite plus, seen in this image, I’m using the new crop vignette effect and I’m liking it about a million times more than the LR2 post crop vignette; […]

Everyone says this but this week has definitely been the case; I need more time. A lot of it is the results of needs to do: I need to take care of Quinn when he’s sick; I need to make sure Mel doesn’t do too much when she’s dislocated 4 of her ribs while pregnant; […]

Score! Finally got up to a Cottage this weekend. Free of any obligations other than to not let my kid drown (an obtainable goal to be sure). Took some time walking around with my camera in-hand, pointing it at the ground (see above photo), and the rest of it watching over Quinn, playing with him […]

I wasn’t going to post more photos of flowers – but this one was just too good! Possible kitten photos to follow (though unlikely).

No artificial blurring here – this baby is all natural bokeh – how about the depth eh? dof 😉

Featured: Erin Haggart and Michelle Eagen. Lighting is actually pretty similar, Erin’s just pale – probably been watching too much “Twilight”. I suppose this can also count as self-portrait, since I’m heavily reflected in both their eyes (so’s the restaurant we were in).

I’m leaving Toronto tonight and I gotta say, I had a fantastic time. I have the very best friends and I’m extremely fortunate – if I was a more spiritual man I’d say I was blessed. Thanks to Rainbow, Andrew, Mike, Jay, Will, Dan, Glenda, Sandra, Eda, Megan, Natalie, Joe, Owen, Elias, Nick, Andrea and […]

I promised Barb that I’d actually take some photos this weekend as long as she would (she just got herself a Canon Rebel XSI and was put off by all the snow). So I said we’d both buck-up and head on outside, catching up on photography time lost during the shorter winter days. Here’s mine […]

Ottawa’s had some crap weather of late; that, and the holiday season, have kept me indoors for four (is it five now?) days straight. I’ve grown a beard and am oddly serene and at ease. However, I am starting to look at the family as if they’re food because a man can only eat so […]

Quinn’s first Christmas, my second in Ottawa, and the first in our new house. This is his first ornament. There’s something about Christmas time that makes me want to process HDR images, it’s probably the surreal nature of the whole time – I mean really – who goes through all this trouble EVERY freakin year? […]