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I haven’t been able to post much this week and it’s breaking my heart but if you lived in Ottawa (or Ontario for that matter) you’d know – the heat’s a big detractor. I seem to have this bad habit of putting my computer systems in the hotest possible location of my house. In Toronto […]

I can’t watch the news, not the news that the media wants me to see. It’s full of tragedy, and more specifically, tragedy that has befallen children. You can’t read a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing the horror stories. As a parent, I’m pre-programmed to already imagine all the horror that can […]

I wasn’t going to post more photos of flowers – but this one was just too good! Possible kitten photos to follow (though unlikely).

No artificial blurring here – this baby is all natural bokeh – how about the depth eh? dof 😉

One thing about the Panasonic LX3 – despite it’s strengths, it’s still not really going to be able to transition those colours in the sky – it kinda bugs me – but really, that’s digital for ya!

I’m noticing a definite change in compression of images between the print module (pictured) and the regular export to jpeg dialogue. Either way, this image didn’t really come out exactly like I had hoped, and I can’t tell if I like the B&W or colour version betterFuck it, I’m just posting the B&W version – […]

I don’t know about you folks in other parts of the world, but the weather here has gone wack. It was 25 yesterday, 10 today, and tomorrow’s going to be 30 – I’m no Meteorologist, but I know alien Terra-forming when I see it – so start wearing aluminum hats before they steal our thoughts […]

Thanks friends for sending Mel your support yesterday! Even though you may not know me, or her, the sentiment is truly appreciated – AWESOME!! The weekend here in Ottawa, and most of Ontario, looks like it’s going to be incredible – so I hope to get a good chance to take the camera out on […]

Photographers and flowers, after the same thing: seeking light. I’ve finally come to realize that I’m not just looking for light, I mean, even in the dark there’s SOME light right? But I’m after some very specific light – and different light for different times – this was definitely not something I understood a year […]

OMG! Am I sick of cloning out dust-spots from my Macro photos today. Seriously, if you haven’t done so, and plan on shooting ANYTHING over f/10 – get your freakin sensor cleaned. There are spots EVERYWHERE. It’s annoying and painful and I swear it won’t happen to me again… not this week at least!

I’m staring at Quinn in his car-chair right now (we don’t drive but he seems to like falling asleep in it a lot) and he’s making the most awesome squishy faces. Grumpy, to sad, to melancholy and then to a wide-gummy-grin; best thing to make my day a whole lot better, so I’m not just […]

As an agreement of sale on our new house, the front yard perennials were not included as chattel with purchase. So a few weeks ago the previous owners came and dug out all of the perennials – that’s right – everything that was in the yard. So we had a big ugly maple tree, some […]

Don’t you hate it when you go out and someone is wearing the same outfit as you? It’s worse when they look better wearing it too!

Okay, so let me see if I can give everyone an update via the blog (if anyone still visits this). April – Moved to Ottawa, basically right into the Hospital, Mel was admitted on a Friday, and the following Friday Quinn was born (to thunderous applause). The Monday after Quinn fell out I started work […]

I suppose on day’s you’ve been at work for 12 hours, haven’t seen the sun, and the sky pelted ice in your face as you walked into the world at 5:30AM you’re allowed to archive dig a bit. I figure a photo from Iceland (sans ice) would be appropriate. Iceland A land of less ice… […]

Man, a cold popped up on me yesterday that, seemingly, came from nowhere. In retrospect I suppose I had a tickled throat and a sniffly nose for about a week now; I had basically ignored them as something that would go away, change of temperature, late summer allergy or something like that. So I sadly […]

“Round here they call me Bee Pun, if you with the big gunsThick tongue, known to make a chick…“

These flowers are almost as good as the ones that I got for this garden.

One of my favourite features of my backyard are the flowers that come up on my crab-apple tree; flowers are cool – cliche’s be damned.