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Vision is better too

Vision is better too

Despite photography being a visual medium, Craft & Vision creator and author David DuChemin insists on using his incredible grasp of language (rarely profane) and introspective thought to hammer into your head the best ways to achieve your intended vision.

Vision is Better 2 is a best of Collection of David’s more memorable blog posts over the past year, and it has been quite a remarkable year for the man, having fell/leapt/flew off a wall in Italy, he had a bit more time than usual to focus on what he believes to be the core of his creativity and passion, and how we can all do better to focus on our inner vision, instead of the constant bombardment of stuff, gear, and creatively draining merchandise we all seem to endlessly want and need.

Sure, it’s curating a bunch of posts that you can, otherwise, access free on his blog anytime you’re online, but maybe you’re not always online, or maybe you prefer the versatility a PDF gives you, or maybe you just like having a bunch of text handed to you rather than wade through endless posts about all the cool places he gets to go and we don’t – heck – maybe this book will help you plan a better way to focus your energy and finances on getting out to a cool spot yourself

The best part of Vision is Better 2, for me (since I read the blog posts previously anyway), was the opening story which is the most revealing of them all. Previously unpublished, David takes us through some of the decisions he made moving into this year of his career, how it’s affected his life personally as well as professionally. In the end, this is probably what I enjoy about David most. Not the photographer, not the preacher, or even the comedian (okay I like the comedian too), but the man: the honest live-his-life-the-way-we-all-should, fallible (fall-able in Italy though right? Eh!?), with humour, and always moving forward. He tells you how he does it and it’s not hard, you just have to pay attention.

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